JCP Central Committee holds its 4th Plenum

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Secretariat on October 10 issued the following communique on the JCP 4th Central Committee Plenum: 

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee held its 4th Plenum on October 10 at its head office. 

The JCP Central Committee Plenum decided to hold the JCP 24th Party Congress from January 11-14, 2006. Items on the agenda will include the Congress Resolution, the Central Committee Report to the Congress, and election of Central Committee members. The draft Congress resolution will be published after it is discussed and approved by the 5th CC Plenum.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, Chair Shii Kazuo made the report. In the report Shii reviewed the recent House of Representatives general election from two angles: (1) We should be convinced that the JCP put up a "good fight" in the election despite difficult political conditions; (2) We need to make clear what is to be done to achieve a substantial JCP advance by turning the frustration that we could not reach the goal in the past election into a new effort. On (1), Shii analyzed in concrete terms the JCP's initiative. On (2), Shii called for efforts to be made on two fronts: to talk to the public about the new JCP Program and its policy of remaking Japan, and to construct a bigger and stronger party with closer links with the public.

Next, the report touched upon the post-election political situation and the immediate tasks of the JCP. Concerning the political situation, Shii spoke about the dangerousness of the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties beginning to take advantage of their absolute majority in the House of Representatives to unilaterally pushing through their reactionary plans, but also talked about the vulnerability of their political bases. Shii also referred to the recent moves of the Democratic Party of Japan. With these points in mind, Shii spoke about the important role of the JCP and the immediate tasks facing the party in the present-day situation.

Concerning the build-up of the party and future elections, Shii raised three tasks based on the results the party has achieved in its "major drive for party build-up toward the next party congress" as well as its goals. Referring to advances the JCP has achieved in the recent local elections, he called on the party to make advances in this year's local elections and to prepare for the 2007 simultaneous local elections, and extend support for the JCP Kanagawa Prefectural Committee in the on-going by-election for the House of Councilors. He said that the JCP policy for the next Diet election will be announced in the next JCP Congress after reviewing and drawing lessons from the recent general election.

Nineteen Central Committee members spoke on the Executive Committee report.

On behalf of the Executive Committee, JCP Chair Shii made the concluding remarks on the discussion, including comments from listeners of the report at local JCP offices. Concerning the analysis of the JCP's general election campaign, Shii stressed the need to further discuss it from the above two basic angles. He stressed the need to improve the JCP's daily activities and empower the party as a whole.  

Shii explained the relationship between the "public promise of the JCP as an opposition party" and the party policy of "remaking Japan." Concerning a "major JCP drive for a successful Party Congress," Shii stated that the strong desire of party members to improve their capabilities, and their efforts made in the general election to reach out to the public, as well as the latest political situation that emerged after the election are providing favorable conditions for the success of the present major effort. He concluded his remarks by calling on CC members to ensure the drive's success toward the next Congress.

The 4th CC Plenum unanimously adopted the Executive Committee report and the concluding remarks and closed with participants pledging to take the lead in the party build-up drive toward the success of the JCP 24th Congress.

- Akahata, October 12, 2005

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
4-26-7 Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-8586