All six JCP candidates returned in Naha's election

In Okinawa's Naha City Assembly election (44 seats) held on July 11, the Japanese Communist Party maintained its six previous seats, maintaining itself as the number one opposition party.

The JCP received 13,512 votes in total or 10.83 percent of the votes cast. Voter turnout was the lowest ever at 53.7 percent.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party maintained its 12 seats, and the Komei Party got 7 seats by adding one. The Democratic Party which ran three candidates, got two seats, and the Social Democratic Party got one, both maintaining their previous seats. The Social Mass Party got 2, dropping one seat.

The JCP called for a halt to the 9.6 billion yen Naha Port development project, saying it is unnecessary because little demand is expected for such a facility.

The JCP argued that money earmarked for the wasteful project should be redirected to, for example, deploying swimming pool safety staff, equipping all elementary and secondary school classrooms with air conditioners, and reducing or exempting nursing care premiums for lower income earners.

The JCP also called for an unconditional closure of the U.S. Naha military port and opposition to the construction of an SDF public relations center in the city.

* * *

In the July 10 Kita-Hiroshima City by-election in Hokkaido to fill 2 vacancies contested by 4 candidates, Kimura Kimiaki, JCP, finished second with 5,417 votes or 22.1 percent.

Akahata, July 12, 2005

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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