JCP calls for building a national majority against adverse constitutional revision -- JCP CC 3rd Plenum held

JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo reports to the CC Plenum in the JCP's new conference hall. (April 6, JCP head office, Tokyo)

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee held its third Plenum April 6-7 in Tokyo. Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo in the Executive Committee report emphasized that the task now is for the JCP to display its true value in order to bring together a majority of the Japanese people in a struggle against constitutional revision that will affect the future of Japan, Asia, and, the rest of the world in the 21st century.

Shii pointed out that the moves to adversely revise the Constitution are beyond the discussion stage or are entering a new phase of actually drafting a constitution.

Shii emphasized the importance of exposing the true aim of the proposed constitutional revision: to remake Japan into a "nation that fights war abroad" in submission to the United States. He said Japan's participation in U.S. wars goes against the world trend; the move to revise Article 9 is closely connected with the rise of glorification of Japan's war of aggression. Defending Article 9 is inseparable from efforts to defend human rights as well as democracy.

Shii cited "two tasks" the JCP has to take up for rallying a majority over to opposition to adverse constitutional revision. One is to build up a national movement in opposition to constitutional revision by developing grassroots movements throughout Japan in response to the call of the Article 9 Association. The other is to increase public awareness of the cause and prospect of the struggle against constitutional revision, while refuting arguments advocating constitutional revision.

Concerning the Democratic Party of Japan, Shii pointed out that it has stopped criticizing the Liberal Democratic Party, and is asking the people "not to call the DPJ an opposition party," emphasizing policies in common with the LDP. In fact, the DPJ is promoting to build consensus with the LDP and Komei Party on constitutional revision and the policy to increase the consumption tax.

"At a time when the LDP, Komei, and the DPJ are trying to establish a 'two-party system', a reminder of the prewar imperial rule assistance system, through the attempt to adversely revise the Constitution and raise the consumption tax, the JCP stands out as the only true opposition party," Shii said.

The JCP Central Committee 3rd Plenum closed on April 7 after unanimously adopting the Executive Committee report and the concluding remarks by Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo.

The report called for an effort to build a national majority against constitutional revision and a major campaign to increase party strength toward the JCP 24th Congress.

Shii congratulated the participants at the two-day meeting on successfully achieving a positive outlook.

In the discussion, 38 members spoke about positive changes taking place after the CC 2nd Plenum held last August, as well as lessons they have learnt from those changes through JCP campaigns against constitutional revision and a consumption tax increase, the study of the JCP program, local elections, and the effort to increase party membership and Akahata readership.

Shii stated that the major campaign proposed by the 3rd Plenum is not that the JCP has to start from scratch. "It calls for an effort to achieve major progress by developing the positive changes made after the 2nd Plenum and concentrating our activities on increasing party strength. There are positive conditions that will enable us to achieve this goal," he said.

Shii said that the 3rd CC Plenum decision was based on the JCP 23rd Congress resolution and the 2nd Plenum decision and that it developed those two sets of documents based on recent situations and experiences. He stressed, "The party must learn its latest lesson immediately."

He called for nation-wide support for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members election, scheduled for July 3, in order to overcome the reactionary current. (end)

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