JCP Chair Shii on UN Security Council Resolution 1546

June 9, 2004

In a published statement on June 9, Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo commented on the new United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq adopted on June 8 (EDT). The statement is as follows:

The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1546 on the morning of June 9 (Japan time), making clear that Iraq "will reassert its full sovereignty" and that the United Nations will play a leading role in the process towards establishing a new Iraqi government. It also refers to a timeframe to be imposed on the presence in Iraq of the U.S./British-led occupation forces.

These provisions reflect the international community's wish for a U.N.-led framework to be used to carry out assistance in Iraq's reconstruction and establish a new Iraqi government based on the will of the Iraqi people.

However, in view of future processes of implementing these principles set out in the resolution, many problems remain.

- First of all, the war continues in Iraq between the occupation forces made up mainly of U.S. and British forces and local resistance forces. Military crackdowns, torture, and other forms of abuse by occupation forces are rousing strong indignation and resistance among the Iraqi people.

- The U.S. and British forces, which form one of the parties to the conflict, plan to continue to stay in Iraq by changing their name to the "Multi-National Force". The resolution also states that this multinational force "shall have the authority to take all necessary measures to contribute to the maintenance of security and stability in Iraq." It does not guarantee the Iraqis a right to veto.

- The interim government was recently established in Iraq, but its composition is strongly in favor of the United States and is not accepted by the majority of the Iraqi people as a political power that represents them.

All this shows that future developments may entail complexities and difficulties that no one can foretell. If the principles set out in Resolution 1546 are to be implemented, it is necessary for the United States, which is responsible for the war and confusion in Iraq, to restrain military actions and take steps without delay in preparation for pulling out its forces from Iraq. This is exactly what the JCP wants to emphasize concerning the adoption of the new UNSC resolution.

Prime Minister Koizumi Jun'ichiro used the Japan-U.S. summit talks to virtually express his plan to have the Self-Defense Forces take part in the multinational force in Iraq. This is a step that is harmful and dangerous for the resolution of the Iraq affairs as well as for the Japanese Constitution.

The Japanese government has so far stated that "constitutionally, the Self-Defense Forces are not allowed to participate in a U.N. force (multinational force) if its mission or purpose includes the use of military force." Clearly, it is unconstitutional for the Self-Defense Forces to participate in the U.S./British-led multinational force which makes it clear that its mission is to fight against elements hostile to the coalition forces and Iraq.

The JCP strongly demands that the Self-Defense Forces be withdrawn without delay. (end)

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
4-26-7 Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-8586