Fuwa speaks about JCP-CPC theoretical exchange meeting

At the Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 8th Plenum on June 4, Fuwa Tetsuzo, the director of the JCP Social Sciences Institute, reported on the recent theoretical exchange meeting he had in Beijing in April with the Communist Party of China and said, "The discussion achieved progress that proved to be a milestone in our theoretical exchanges."

Fuwa explained in detail the third JCP-CPC meeting to exchange views regarding the current global economic crisis and responses to it by the forces of socialism based on 21 questions raised by CPC participants.

Fuwa said he had focused on the following issues: the nature of the current global economic crisis; Marx's financial panic theory that is essential for understanding the crisis; Lenin's theory on "imperialism"; the relation between neo-liberalism and the present economic crisis; the European model of the "social market economy"; the impact of the economic crisis on the global economic structure; the strategy that might be adopted by the forces of socialism in the developed capitalist countries; the relation between Latin American left-wing governments and the movement for socialism; and China's strategy for socio-economic development under the present economic crisis.

Fuwa said that it may be natural that the two parties develop their respective theoretical systems with different characteristics, which have been developed throughout their respective histories. However, looking back on the 11 years since the normalization of relations between the JCP and the CPC, he said, "Experience shows that it is possible for our two parties to understand each other as long as we share common ground in pursuing socialism and incorporating Marxism (scientific socialism) as the theoretical foundation."

Fuwa stressed that CPC-JCP exchanges have special significance under the current turbulent world situation, as the CPC is the governing party in China with a population of 1.3 billion while the JCP is struggling to have its voice heard in the developed capitalist world.

- Akahata, June 6, 2009

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