JCP-CPV theoretical exchanges end

The Japanese Communist Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam concluded their three-day theoretical discussions on September 26 at the CPV head office in Hanoi.

To Huy Rua, chairman of the CPV Culture and Ideology Commission, and other members of the CPV delegation stated their views on the Vietnamese road to socialism, issues regarding theories on socialism, and theoretical questions that need further study.

Following these Vietnamese statements, Fuwa Tetsuzo, director of the JCP Social Sciences Institute, made some additional comments by explaining how the JCP established its view on the market economy and the international situation trends when it revised the JCP Program in 2004.

In concluding the discussion, To Huy Rua stated, "Though there are many issues that are difficult to solve as well as issues that need further study, our frank exchange of views was productive and useful for our further efforts to solve the many problems facing us."

Fuwa said, "We are looking forward to meeting with you in Japan for our next discussion."

- Akahata, September 27, 2008

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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