JCP Vice Chair Ogata speaks at International Meeting

Ogata Yasuo, Japanese Communist Party vice chair, spoke on the second day of the International Meeting of the 2008 World Conference against A and H Bombs. The following is the gist of his speech.

This year's World Conference against A and H Bombs is tasked to help increase public awareness and movements in support of the abolition of nuclear weapons as we prepare for the next NPT Review Conference set for 2010.

The recent changes in the international situation and growing international anti-nuclear forces are factors favorable to further strengthening the global current towards the abolition of nuclear weapons.

First, the U.S. Bush administration, the biggest obstacle to the elimination of nuclear weapons, has failed in its "preemptive war strategy" that includes the threat of nuclear attack. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are proof of it.

Second, independent regional communities for peace are developing as new major promoters of the international order for peace.

Third, more and more U.N. member countries as sovereign nations are playing an increasingly active role in defending and strengthening peace. The developing countries and smaller countries are playing a greater role. International politics in the 21st century is characterized by "participation by all nations."

In this situation, the world's governments, local governments, NGOs, and citizens, are increasing their cooperation for peace and in opposition to nuclear weapons. Only through struggles can we make advances. We must improve our perception of the changing world and exert our influence on world opinion in order to make the effort to fulfill our historical task of achieving a peaceful and equitable world free of nuclear weapons.

- Akahata, August 4, 2008

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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