Shii holds talks with Vietnamese PM Dung on enriching friendship between Japanese and Vietnamese peoples

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo held talks with Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung at the National Convention Center on January 11 to exchange views on cooperation for enriching friendship between the Japanese and Vietnamese peoples.

At the convention center used as the venue of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting last November, Dung welcomed Shii, saying, "On behalf of the Vietnamese government, I heartily welcome JCP Chair Shii and the JCP delegation."

Shii expressed his pleasure to meet with Prime Minister Dung again since last October when the premier visited Japan, and said, "It is a great pleasure for me that Vietnam successfully hosted the APEC summit held in this building, achieved participation in the World Trade Organization, and is raising its political and economic position in international society."

Dung referred to the historical relations of solidarity between Vietnam and the JCP since the days of the anti-U.S. national salvation war as well as the recent development of relations between Vietnam and Japan.

Shii in reply said, "We want to further develop in a manner suitable for the 21st century the ties maintained for these 41 years between the JCP and the Communist Party of Vietnam and promote cooperation to enrich the friendship between our peoples."

Shii said to Dung that he and CPV General Secretary Nong Duc Manh who suggested on the previous day agreed to conduct theoretical exchanges on socialism between the two parties. Dung said, "I wholeheartedly support the idea."

Concerning Vietnam's Doi Moi (renovation) policy line about which he has deepened his understanding during his stay in the country, Shii said he pays close attention to two aspects in particular: (i) development of the socialist-oriented market economy, particularly regarding the reduction in poverty, and (ii) Vietnam's multi-faceted diverse diplomatic efforts. Shii stated, "I have come to understand well your thinking that Vietnam needs a peaceful international situation in order to push forward with Doi Moi."

Dung in reply stated, "I thank you for your good wishes. Vietnam will firmly follow the socialist path and pursue the goals of creating wealthy people, a powerful country, and a democratic, equitable, and civilized society."

Chair Shii stated, "During my stay here, I have been deeply impressed that Vietnam is making earnest and serious efforts to achieve socialism. No nation has ever walked to the end of the path to reach socialism through a market economy, but I sincerely hope that you will overcome the difficulties and achieve success."

Prime Minister Dung stated, "Although it is unprecedented to fully develop a socialist-oriented market economy, we are making efforts to carry out this undertaking by exploring the path, drawing lessons from practice, and formulating appropriate theories."

- Akahata, January 12, 2007

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