Shii exchanges views with VASS president on socialism through market economy

The Japanese Communist Party delegation led by Chair Shii Kazuo held talks for about three hours with Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences President Do Hoai Nam (Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee member) and other officials over theoretical issues concerning evolving toward socialism through a market economy at the CPV head office in Hanoi on January 10.

Concerning evaluations of the Doi Moi policy line that has been implemented during the past 20 years, President Nam outlined the history in which the CPV 6th Congress in 1986 adopted the policy line, the manner in which economic system has advanced from a centralized control system to a commodity production-based multi-sector system since then, and the "socialist-oriented market economy" that was proclaimed in the CPV 9th Congress in 2001. With regard to the socialism that Vietnam is seeking, he said, "We are aiming at wealthy people, powerful country, democratic, equitable, and civilized society."

Shii explained the JCP's perspective on Japan's socialist transformation through the market economy.

Both sides exchanged views on the following points; (i) acquiring the initiative of the state economy and the collective economy in order to ensure the socialist-orientation under the Doi Moi policy line; (ii) turning producers into protagonists, the very substance of the socialization of the means of production; (iii) widely publicizing to the public the evils of capitalist society in order to advance the socialist transformation; (iv) the relationship between macroeconomic management and reduction in poverty; and (v) Vietnam's participation in the capitalist world market.

Nam said that they want to further study about the issues concerning contemporary capitalism, and expressed his hope to learn in detail the JCP experiences in fighting against the negative aspects of Japanese capitalism.

The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere in which the Vietnamese side in their efforts for socialism and the JCP working in a highly developed capitalist country talked about their respective experiences and discussed matters in accordance with their respective interests and awareness of issues.

- Akahata, January 11, 2007

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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