Fuwa exchanges opinion with CPC Political Bureau member He Guoqian on Theoretical exchange and Japan-China relations

On May 25, Fuwa Tetsuzo, former Japanese Communist Party Central Committee chair held talks with He Guoqian, a Political Bureau member, a Secretariat member, and the head of the Central Committee Organizational Department of the Communist Party of China, at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

At the beginning of the meeting, He Guoqian explained the significance and the present situation as well as future tasks of "the project of research and building of Marxist theory" that the CPC Central Committee proposed two years ago. Highly evaluating the two rounds of theoretical exchange, including the one held last December, he felt them to have great significance. He Guoqian expressed his gratitude for the JCP's cooperation in theoretical exchange.

Fuwa said that political talks have been carried out in the past eight years since the normalization of relations between the JCP and the CPC, but the exchange focusing on the theoretical issues has opened a new page in JCP-CPC relations. He said that the project is not only important for China but also very important for neighboring Japan in its future development toward socialism as well as for the world. From this viewpoint, he stressed that he will spare no effort in offering future cooperation.

Explaining the Chinese standpoint for Japan-China relations, including the issue of historical perception, He Guoqian stated that China will continue to make efforts to settle historical issues.

Fuwa referred to the history of the JCP before and during the war and stated that the JCP had opposed the war of aggression under brutal suppression, and fostered solidarity with the CPC. He pointed out that a current that justifies the war of aggression underlies the Yasukuni Shrine question, and such a current not only runs counter to better Japan-China relations but also poses a challenge to the post-war world order based on the remorse over WWII. Fuwa emphasized that Japan carried out attacks against not only China and Korea but also against whole world, including the United States. He said that drawing world attention to this fact, the JCP has argued that this is the question that the Japanese people should address.
- Akahata, May 27, 2006

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