Shii: Japan-DPRK agreement on abduction issue is significant

May 31, 2014

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 30 published a comment on an agreement between the Japanese and North Korean governments regarding the alleged abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korea. The full text of the comment is as follows:

The Japanese government on May 29 announced an agreement with the North Korean government about the abduction issue: North Korea will conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation regarding kidnapped Japanese nationals; if it finds any of them, Pyongyang will consult with Tokyo to return the victims; and Japan will lift part of its current economic sanctions against North Korea after ascertaining the start of the investigation.

This is a significant step in resolving the abduction issue. The JCP strongly demands that North Korea comply with the agreement, and hopes that the action by the two governments will lead to the settlement of the pending issues mentioned in the 2002 Pyongyang Declaration, including realization of abductees return to their homes.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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