Shii issues statement on dispute over Paracel Islands

May 14-16, 2014

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 12 published a statement on the dispute over the Paracel Islands as follows:

It is clear and undeniable that there has long been a dispute between China and Vietnam regarding sovereignty over the Paracel Islands, given claims by both sides.

The Japanese Communist Party firmly believes that one of the most important principles in solving any territorial dispute is to stand firm on working for a peaceful solution through diplomatic consultations, refrain from taking forceful actions or military measures to change the status quo.
Such a principle has been shared by both China and Vietnam in their pledge in the Declaration on the Conduct of the Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), which both states signed in 2002.

China's introduction of an oil rig in waters near the islands is a unilateral action that could stand in contradiction with both international principles for addressing territorial disputes as well as the spirit of the DOC itself.

The Japanese Communist Party strongly believes that China and Vietnam should deescalate tensions by working together to resolve the dispute through peaceful negotiations in accordance with the spirit of the DOC.

JCP conveys the statement on dispute over Paracel Islands to countries concerned

The Japanese Communist Party conveyed the statement to countries concerned through their embassies in Tokyo.

On May 14, JCP Secretariat member Tagawa Minoru submitted the statement to Chinese embassy counsellor Lin Li at the Embassy of China in Tokyo. On the following day, JCP Vice Chair Ogata Yasuo visited the Vietnam Embassy in Tokyo to hand the statement to Ambassador Doan Xuan Hung.

In response to respective explanations from the Chinese and Vietnamese diplomats about their governments' stance toward the problem, Ogata and Tagawa demanded cool-headed approach and peaceful resolution.

Furthermore, the JCP sent the statement to governments of Association of South-East Asian Nations member states and East Asia Summit members of India, Australia and New Zealand as well as governments of Six-Party Talks member states.

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