JCP condemns China's declaration of Air Defense ID Zone

November 26, 2013

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi on November 25 severely criticized the Chinese government for creating in the East China Sea an "Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)" that includes Japanese territory.

The JCP spokesperson pointed out that the Senkaku Islands issue is one of the major causes of the prolonged tension between Japan and China. Regarding the fact that the ADIZ of China includes the air over the disputed islands, he said, "This action increases military tension between the two countries and goes against the efforts being made to resolve the dispute."

Noting that Chinese ships and aircraft have repeatedly entered the waters and airspaces near the Senkakus, Ichida stressed that the JCP 6th Central Committee Plenum resolution in February states that it is unacceptable for a nation in the current international society to try to establish its rule over an area which is effectively controlled by another nation by use of force.

"From this point of view, we can never accept this act by China," he added.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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