PM Abe's provocative remarks lead to worsening relations with neighbors: JCP Ichida

September 28 & October 1, 2013

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi on September 30 criticized Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's recent remarks in New York, saying, "Abe shows no responsible attitude toward establishing better diplomatic relationships with other Asian nations."

PM Abe said on September 26 at a meeting hosted by a U.S. conservative think tank, "So call me, if you want, a right-wing militarist," with China's criticism of him in mind.

Ichida said at a news conference in the Diet building, "I criticize the prime minister's lack of discretion. We strongly protest his remarks." Stressing that to improve its relationships with China and South Korea the Japanese government needs to sincerely address the issue of historical interpretation, he added, "Abe's comments will cause further difficulties in developing friendly ties with our neighbors."

At the UN general assembly also on September 26, Abe stated in his speech, "Japan will newly bear the flag of 'Proactive Contribution to Peace'." He went on to say, "I will enable Japan, as a Proactive Contributor to Peace, to be even more actively engaged in UN collective security measures, including peacekeeping operations." Ichida condemned Abe's statement as "extremely dangerous".

Citing the fact that the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution to oblige the Syrian administration to do away with its chemical weapons, the secretariat head pointed out that Abe's intent to allow Japan to exercise its military force abroad is going against the global trend to settle international disputes through diplomatic negotiations.

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