Shii holds talks with acting Syrian ambassador

September 12, 2013

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 11 received a visit by Warif Halabi, acting Syrian ambassador to Japan, at the JCP head office.

Halabi described the current situation in Syria and the Syrian government stance, and then focused the discussion on the statement Shii issued in late August.

Shii said, "No matter who used chemical weapons, their use was an act of atrocity against humanity and international law. The facts are now about to be revealed by the United Nations. Meanwhile, I strongly oppose a unilateral attack without a UN resolution because it clearly violates the UN Charter and international law."

Shii welcomed the Russian proposal that Syria participate in the Chemical Weapon Convention and abandon such weapons after turning them over under international supervision, saying, "I ask the Syrian government to positively accept and sincerely implement this proposal."

Heavily concerned about the Syrian civil war depriving more than 100,000 people of their lives and creating regional instability, Shii said, "Based on the UN resolution adopted on May 15 at its General Assembly, both the Syrian government and antigovernment forces should engage in serious political dialogue and make efforts to establish a provisional government which consists of the two sides."

Halabi in response stated that Syria's government is willing to accept the Russian proposal and join the chemical weapon treaty. She said that she will convey Shii's statement and what Shii suggested to Syrian government officials.

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