JCP is only party fighting against Abe's anti-people policies: JCP 7th CC Plenum

May 9, 2013

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee on May 8 held its 7th Plenum at its head office in Tokyo, with the House of Councilors and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly elections approaching. The following is an excerpt of the communique issued by the JCP CC Secretariat:

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo gave a report on behalf of the Executive Committee. Based on the 6th Plenum decision, he spoke on three themes: the current situation of Japan's politics and issues in the upcoming elections; other political parties' characteristics and the JCP's role in realizing people's demands; and action policies for this summer's Upper House election.

Firstly, the report cited issues on people's livelihood and the economy, nuclear power generation, foreign affairs, the Constitution, and Japan's modern history as focal points of the current political situation. It pointed out that the Abe government's arrogant policies in dealing with these issues have begun showing signs of failure and explained the JCP's policies and stance to fight against these policies. As the reason for the failure of the Abe Cabinet's policies, the report pointed out that it is because the Liberal Democratic Party-style old politics royal to the United States and Japanese business circles has broken down. The report stated that even though the Abe administration is perceived as dangerous and reckless, there is no need for fear. Abe's policies subservient to the U.S. and pro-big businesses and its position denying Japan's aggressive past are further widening the gap between the party and the general public. It stressed that under these circumstances, as a political party which is capable of representing the public interest, the JCP's advance in elections is the best way to put an end to the serious crisis in Japan's politics, economy, and society, and called on JCP members to work hard for the party's advance.

The report in the second part clarified the JCP's national role by comparing it with that of other parties and offers three challenges: to courageously fight against the adverse current to destroy peace, democracy, and people's living conditions; to have the program to pave the way for Japan's future; and to join forces with citizens to push ahead with a progressive political agenda. It called on JCP members to achieve a party advance by explaining these roles to citizens. The report also stressed that the situation has shifted from "a choice between two major parties" and "the third pole" trumpeted in past elections to "confrontation between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party."

In the third part, the report stressed the need to strengthen party activities in line with decisions reached at the 6th CC Plenum. In order to achieve a victory, it proposed to fulfill two tasks the party failed to achieve in past elections: to view the dates when Upper House and Tokyo Metropolitan assembly election campaigns kick off as voting days and achieve the target number of voters promising to vote for the JCP by then, and to create a rising tide of party strength. It also called on the whole party to engage in election campaigns by using the Internet and on party members in leadership position to fulfill their four major roles. The report finally stressed that at a time when the JCP's value as the revolutionary party is put to the test, the whole party should stick to the principle that "JCP branches play the key role" and immediately gear up for the upcoming elections in order to achieve a victory, pledging that the executive committee will lead the party effort.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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