China's targeting radar on MSDF vessel is disgraceful: JCP Kokuta

February 7, 2013

Japanese Communist Party Lower House member Kokuta Keiji told reporters on February 6 that it is "dangerous and absolutely disgraceful" that a Chinese naval vessel had directed its target-acquisition radar at a Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel.

An announcement issued by the defense minister on February 5 stated that around 10:00 a.m. on January 30, a Chinese naval frigate beamed its fire-control radar at a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer in the East China Sea. The distance between the two vessels was just three kilometers.

Fire-control radar is usually used to follow a target when launching projectiles such as missiles. The use of the radar means setting up a target for attack. The Japanese government on February 5 lodged a protest with China, seeking its self-restraint.

Referring to the need to confirm the details of the incident, Kokuta said, "In the ongoing strained relationship between the two countries caused by territorial disputes over the Senkaku Islands, any contingency, or any military clash, should be prevented."

The JCP lawmaker also stressed that having calm and rational talks is the only way to prevent a recurrence of dangerous acts.

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