JCP to support anti-nuclear lawyer in Tokyo gubernatorial election

November 20, 2012

The Japanese Communist Party on November 19 announced that it will work to help achieve the victory of an anti-nuclear power candidate in the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo on the same day at the JCP head office met with former Japan Federation of Bar Associations president Utsunomiya Kenji, who will run in the December 16 Tokyo governor race as a candidate of a civil group to create a better Tokyo for all residents.

In the meeting, Shii said, "I totally agree with the 4-point basic policy in which you propose to change Tokyo Metropolitan government policies. The JCP will provide full support and work hard with Tokyoites and groups in various fields to realize your victory."

Utsunomiya, in the 4-point basic policy, plans to establish a Tokyo government taking the initiative in withdrawing from nuclear power generation; provide better and decent living conditions to Tokyo citizens; revive children-first education; and enforce the Constitution.

The lawyer, who has also led the anti-poverty movement, said, "I consider the election as a movement to revise the former governor's policies in collaboration with my supporters. Success of the movement depends on how big a circle of support we can create."

Shii said, "Your 4-point policy represents what Tokyo citizens demand. If we succeed in motivating many citizens to join us in gaining support for your policies, we can see a great possibility of winning the election. The JCP will take part in the effort to achieve this."

The JCP chair and Utsunomiya agreed that amid the emergence of a hawkish atmosphere triggered by the territorial dispute with China, it is important to proclaim inside and outside Japan the need for a coolheaded and peaceful diplomatic approach and to oppose constitutional revision.

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