Stop consumption tax hike by ensuring JCP’s victory in next elections: Shii

September 3, 2012

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said in an interview with NHK aired on September 2 that the JCP will call for a “double judgment” in the next national elections to put a stop to the consumption tax hike.

Shii pointed out that Lower and Upper House elections will surely take place by April 2014, when the consumption tax rate is to be raised from the current 5% to 8%. He said that in those elections, the JCP will call on voters to make a “double judgment”: giving a “no” to the 3 political parties, the Democratic, Liberal Democratic and Komei, which rammed the consumption tax increase bill through the Diet; and choosing a party which can play a critical role in putting a stop to the implementation of the consumption tax hike.

The JCP chair also referred to the JCP’s proposal to improve social services and break through the present financial crisis without increasing the consumption tax if the political direction is drastically changed. He said, “We will appeal to the people that a vote for the JCP leads to stopping the consumption tax raise as the party has formulated a viable and responsible alternative.”

Regarding the censure resolution against Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko which was adopted in the Upper House at the end of August, Shii said that it condemned the 3 parties for railroading through the tax hike bill based on their closed-door deal.

Shii also pointed out that there is growing anger among the public over the major tax increase. He said that his party will demand that the government dissolve the Lower House and hold a general election as soon as possible.

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