Anti-PM censure reflects public opposition to tax hike: Ichida

August 30, 2012

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi characterized the censure motion against Prime Minister Noda Yoshihiko as a breakthrough representing public opposition to an increase in the consumption tax.

The motion adopted on August 29 at the Upper House plenary session condemns the Noda Cabinet and the three parties (Democratic Party of Japan, Liberal Democratic Party, and Komei Party) for working together to force through a consumption tax hike.

The LDP somehow supported the motion while the Komei Party abstained from voting on it from the party’s position favoring the planned tax increase, indicating a rift developing among the three parties.

Soon after the adoption of the censure motion, JCP Secretariat Head Ichida held a press conference in the Diet Building and stated, “Prime Minister Noda should take it seriously and call a snap election to seek public judgment. To this end, the JCP will make all-out efforts in and out of the Diet.”

Ichida said that the JCP voted for the motion because the DPJ government has totally betrayed the people’s expectations for a change from LDP policies.

For example, he pointed to the fact that the DPJ-LDP-Komei together steamrollered through a tax hike bill after holding behind-the-door consultations; they together agreed to resume operations of suspended nuclear reactors although the crisis caused by the Fukushima nuclear accident still continues; and they are together pushing ahead with the deployment of the crash-laden Osprey aircraft to Okinawa at the U.S. request.

He added, “The adoption of the censure motion submitted by seven opposition parties, including the JCP, has a landmark significance showing that the planned increase in the consumption tax rate runs counter to both the people’s expectations and the DPJ campaign promises.”

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