JCP contributes to recovery from disaster with 900 million yen in donations and 20,000 volunteers

December 10, 2011

The Japanese Communist Party has collected more than 930 million yen in donations and sent more than 21,000 volunteers to help disaster victims following the devastating disasters that hit the Tohoku Region on March 11.

Utilizing the collected donations, the JCP delivered relief funds to 83 local governments, 22 agricultural and 46 fishery cooperative associations, 51 local commerce and industry organizations, and 42 neighborhood groups of voluntary firefighters. The party keeps in touch with all of them.

The JCP also used the money to carry out volunteer activities including purchasing and transporting relief goods.

Efforts made by JCP organizations and local assembly members throughout Japan and the party’s proposals made to the government three times have resulted in progress in the government’s policy of solving the so-called “double loan” problem and rebuilding medical institutions in the disaster-affected areas.

The JCP also played a role in getting the government to promise to take responsibility for carrying out radiation decontamination.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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