JCP calls on all its members to engage in relief activities

March 12&14, 2011

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee on March 11 set up its special taskforce to deal with the Great East Japan Disaster and decided to do everything possible to cooperate in rescue and relief activities for quake and tsunami victims.

Heading the taskforce, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo called the first meeting in the Diet buiding and stated, “All the party organs, assembly members, branches, and members should be in the forefront of activities to help rescue and relieve the disaster sufferers. The JCP taskforce will mobilize its full potential to deal with the catastrophe.”

JCP publishes a statement

The JCP taskforce on the day published the following statement:

At 2:46p.m. on March 11, the largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history hit Tohoku and Kanto regions. The quake and following tsunami inflicted tremendous damage to wide areas.

The JCP expresses our deepest condolences to the victims of the tragedy and our heartfelt sympathy to all the sufferers.

The JCP is demanding that the government explore every avenue to rescue and search for missing people, people waiting for help, and people facing mortal danger, and do everything to eliminate the danger of fire and nuclear disasters.

The JCP taskforce calls on all party organs, all the JCP members of local assemblies, all party branches, and all other members to engage in aid activities and to help support the disaster victims both in material and emotional terms.

The JCP organizations and the members in the disaster-hit areas should determine the actual situation of the sufferers and what they really need and should make efforts to respond to their needs.

On-site JCP taskforce established

The JCP taskforce on March 13 decided to establish an on-site taskforce in Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture with Takahashi Chizuko, JCP member of the House of Representatives, as the on-site leader.

In a meeting of the JCP taskforce, they discussed what the JCP can and will do to help support the victims and considered ways to create a system so as to widely provide assistance from neighboring prefectures and municipalities in the Tokyo metropolitan areas, launch a fundraising campaign by all JCP organizations throughout Japan, ensure adequate provisions at evacuation centers, remove rubble, construct temporary housing, and expand individual compensation for disaster-stricken victims.

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