JCP’s political funding comes from grassroots support

The government on November 30 published a report on political funds for 2009 for each political party and political organization. Japanese Communist Party Finance and Management Committee Director Ueda Hitoshi on the same day issued a comment on the JCP financial report as follows:

The JCP in 2009 earned about 24.62 billion yen in total (1.4 percentage points lower than last year) and spent about 25.22 billion yen in total (0.9 percentage points higher).

The increase in expenditures was associated with the general election that took place in 2009. The income drop was attributed to a decrease in Akahata subscribers, party membership dues, and contributions from individuals reflecting the sluggish economic situation under which more people had a hard time making ends meet.

Business activities in relation to the publication of Akahata and other journals and magazines accounted for 87 percent of the JCP income and 63.8 percent of its total expenditures.

The majority of the JCP business activities were based on Akahata. This shows that the JCP has a strong bond with the general public at the grassroots level.

The JCP does not accept political donations from corporations and other organizations as these tend to be donations used to buy or influence policies. The party also refuses to receive the government subsidy funded by tax revenues because this practice violates the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of thought.

Instead, the party makes efforts to manage its financial activities with money from party members and supporters in such forms as membership dues, sales of Akahata and other publications, and political donations from individuals.

Revenue of political parties: JCP (about 24.62 billion yen), LDP (about 19.73 billion yen, of which gov’t subsidy accounts for 70.9%), DPJ (about 16.3 billion yen, 83.8%), Komei (about 13.51 billion yen, 19.4%), SDP (about 1.78 billion yen, 50%), PNP (about 1.2 billion yen, 34.9%), and Your (about 253 million yen, 44.9%).

- Akahata, December 1, 2010

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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