Shii calls for a national movement seeking to put end to LDP rule

December 14, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo in his speech at the JCP Dietmembers' general assembly held on December 13, the closing day of the 212th extraordinary Diet session, pointed out, "During the extra Diet session, the Liberal Democratic Party showcased its corrupt nature, its subservience to the U.S., and its incapability to take effective measures to run Japan's economy." He called on JCP lawmakers to work hard to develop a national movement seeking to put an end to LDP rule.

Shii pointed out that in an Akahata Sunday edition scoop, the off-the-book fund scandal involving the LDP's largest faction led by former Prime Minister Abe has developed into a major political scandal. He said that despite PM Kishida's intent to draw a curtain on the matter with the removal of key Abe faction members from Cabinet and party posts, other LDP factions including the one led by PM Kishida are now suspected of generating slush funds from ticket sales for fundraising parties. Shii said that the JCP will continue demanding that the Diet, while in recess, summon persons concerned as sworn witnesses in order to thoroughly uncover the truth behind the scandal.

Furthermore, Shii said that the only way to prevent a recurrence is to fully ban political donations, including the purchase of political party tickets, from corporations and organizations.

Shii pointed out that PM Kishida reiterates his desire to break away from a "cost-cutting economy", but fails to provide any concrete policy to achieve this. On the other hand, Shii went on to say, the JCP published its "Economic Recovery Plan" aimed at overcoming the 30-year-long economic stagnation, adding, "Let us increase our efforts to realize this plan."

Pointing out that the U.S. Osprey's fatal crash off Yakushima Island put a spotlight on the Kishida government's position which is extremely subservient to the U.S., Shii said that this position was shown in the Japanese government's refusal to participate in the 2nd Meeting of State Parties to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which disappointed the international community.

Shii stressed, "Let us strive to increase grassroots movements in various fields in order to bring down the LDP-led corrupt government subservient to U.S. demands and unable to devise proper economic measures! Let us bring these movements together and put an end to LDP rule!"

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