JCP Chair issues a statement on battle between Hamas and Israel, strongly calling for self-restraint to end vicious cycle of violence

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on October 10 issued a statement titled, "The JCP strongly calls for self-restraint to end the vicious cycle of violence-regarding the battle between Hamas and Israel". The full text of the statement is as follows.

The JCP strongly calls for self-restraint to end the vicious cycle of violence-regarding the battle between Hamas and Israel

October 10, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo

Large scale attacks against Israel by Hamas, an Islamist group in Palestine, and Israel's retaliatory strikes that followed have claimed many lives and injured many others, raising a grave concern about the potential for further escalation of the conflict.

Hamas' indiscriminate attacks and abduction of civilians are clear violations of international humanitarian law and cannot be tolerated for any reasons. The Japanese Communist Party severely condemns these acts.

In response, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he is embarking on "a long and difficult war" and announced measures to cut electricity and prevent food, fuel, and other supplies from entering the Gaza Strip with a view to bring destruction to the strip. Indiscriminately attacks that claim many lives are unjustifiable as it is tantamount to a collective punishment of people who are living under occupation and need to be protected.

In order to break the vicious cycle of violent retaliation, both sides should exercise utmost self-restraint.

At the root of today's situation lies the problem of Israel forcibly evicting residents to expand settlements in violation of international law, imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, and carrying out air strikes and attacks against the area.

In seeking peace in the Middle East, the JCP advocates the following three principles: (1) Israel's withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories, (2) realization of the right to self-determination which includes the Palestinians' right to establish an independent state, and (3) creation of a mutual recognition to respect the right to coexistence. These have become international consensus as documented in a series of UN resolutions.

The chain of violence and the escalation of the conflict can be prevented only through negotiations that will lead to the realization of a Palestine state, and its peaceful coexistence with Israel. In order to make a breakthrough and pave the way for peace in the Middle East in line with the international consensus, the JCP strongly calls on all countries concerned and international organizations to make every possible diplomatic effort.


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