Welcoming UNGA resolution on territorial integrity of Ukraine, JCP Chair condemns Russia and calls for a peaceful political resolution

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on October 13 issued a statement after the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution titled, "Territorial integrity of Ukraine: defending the principles of the Charter of the United Nations". The full text of the statement is as follows:

Responding to the UNGA resolution, Russia should stop its unlawful aggression and annexation, and immediately withdraw all of its military force
The JCP calls for maximum diplomatic efforts for a peaceful political resolution

October 13, 2022
Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo

The Emergency Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on the situation in Ukraine on October 12 adopted a resolution condemning Russia's unilateral annexation of four regions in southern and eastern Ukraine as illegal and void in terms of the UN Charter and international law. The resolution, which was supported by an overwhelming majority of 143 states or around three-fourths of the all Member States, demands that Russia reverse a series of Ukraine-related decisions and withdraw its military force from the country immediately, completely, and unconditionally.

The Yes votes from 143 states for the resolution are more than any other related UNGA resolutions received, including two resolutions adopted in March. This fact points to the growing international solidarity in the single issue of urging Russia to abide by the UN Charter. The Japanese Communist Party wholeheartedly welcomes the adoption of the resolution and demands that Russia sincerely listen to the majority opinion of the international society as shown in the resolution.

The resolution points out that Russia's unilateral annexation is "a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and inconsistent with the principles of the Charter". It demands that Russia immediately and unconditionally reverse its decisions related to the annexation and withdraw its military force from the territory in question immediately, completely, and unconditionally.

Along with the illegal annexation, Russia is intensifying its acts of military aggression, including indiscriminate attacks against civilians in what it calls retaliatory operations. Moscow repeatedly threatens to use nuclear arms. These moves are in violation of the UN Charter prohibiting the threat or use of arms, the principle of international law banning military reprisals, and international humanitarian law aimed at protecting civilians, which means that Russia is committing further war crimes as various UN organizations fear.

The JCP demands that Russia accept the UNGA resolution, cancel the illegal annexation, and withdraw its troops immediately, completely, and unconditionally.

During the debate in the UNGA, representatives of many states expressed concern over the escalation of the conflict and called for diplomatic negotiations for a peaceful resolution based on the principle of the UN Charter.

The resolution adopted following the debate calls on the UN Secretary-General, Member States, and international and regional organizations including the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to support "the de-escalation of the current situation and a peaceful resolution of the conflict through political dialogue, negotiation, mediation and other peaceful means, with respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine". This is very significant.

It is urgently necessary for the international community, countries concerned, and international and regional organizations to make utmost diplomatic efforts to prevent the escalation of the conflict and resolve the humanitarian crisis while securing and respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The JCP strongly calls for greater UN-led diplomatic efforts for a peaceful political resolution based on the principles of the UN Charter in line with the solidarity shown by the international community.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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