JCP Chair on the Ukraine problem: Russia should stop making military threats

February 12, 2022

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on February 12 issued a statement on the Ukrainian problem, titled, "Russia should stop making military threats - the international community needs to pursue a diplomatic solution". Copies of the document were sent to countries concerned. The full text of the statement is as follows:

International tension is growing as Russia has amassed reportedly over 100,000 troops near the Ukraine border and began joint military exercises in Belarus, another neighboring country. Moscow argues that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) should halt its eastward expansion, but such an argument provides no justification for its recent actions. These activities, although within Russian territories, constitute obvious military pressure. Russia should immediately stop making military threats.

On the other hand, in the face of the rising military tension, countries seeking a breakthrough in the crisis are now conducting a wide range of diplomatic negotiations. The need for the international community is not to resort to an arms buildup as that will only aggravate the crisis, but to make efforts for a diplomatic and political solution based on international law and the United Nations Charter, stipulating that disputes should be resolved peacefully, while at the same time upholding the principle of respecting Ukraine's sovereignty. The Japanese government should assume this stance and actively engage with the international community accordingly.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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