Shii: JCP will work to field joint opposition candidate in Tokyo gubernatorial race

June 16, 2016

Following Tokyo Governor Masuzoe Yoichi’s announcement of his resignation on June 15, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo told reporters that the JCP will make its best efforts to field the opposition parties’ joint candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Speaking to reporters at the JCP head office in Tokyo, Shii said, “It’s only natural that the scandal-tainted governor expressed his intent to resign. At the same time, the ruling Liberal Democratic and Komei parties are to blame for endorsing Masuzoe as a candidate for governor and supporting him in the election campaign in February 2014. As recently revealed by another corruption scandal involving former cabinet minister Amari Akira, the LDP’s money-driven nature should be called into question as well.”

Shii went on to say, “The result of the Tokyo gubernatorial race will significantly influence national politics. In a bid to create a clean and reliable metropolitan government, the JCP will strive to put forward the most suitable candidate, promoting cooperation between opposition parties and civic groups across the country.”

The chair also pointed out that the recent series of money scandals originate from political donations by corporations and organizations as well as government subsidies to political parties. “We’ll continue to work to eradicate political corruption,” he added.

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