Electoral cooperation to repeal war legislation agreed upon among opposition parties

February 20, 2016
Leaders of the Japanese Communist Party and four other opposition parties on February 19 held a meeting in the Diet building, reaching an agreement to cooperate in the coming national elections in order to scrap the unconstitutional national security legislation.

In the meeting, they agreed on the following four points: make it a common goal to repeal the security legislation and revoke the Cabinet decision enabling Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense; bring down the Abe government; drive the current ruling coalition and its supplementary forces into becoming a minority force through the upcoming national elections; and collaborate as much as possible in the Diet and in the elections.

Regarding the latest accord, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo told reporters, “This is an extremely important, epoch-making confirmation which responds to strong public demand calling for a joint struggle by opposition parties.”

Asked about the JCP initiative for a “national coalition government” to repeal the war legislation, Shii said, “We won’t change our position seeking to create a ‘national coalition government’. At the same time, I’m aware that among other opposition parties there are arguments for and against the JCP proposal. So, we want to enter into negotiations on electoral cooperation first, putting aside the issue of a new coalition government for now. However, we will continue to argue for our position in the talks.”

The JCP secretariat head and the other opposition parties’ secretary-generals will soon begin negotiations on how to put into practice the agreed upon items.

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