‘Islamic State’ outrage is unpardonable: JCP Shii

February 2, 2015

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on February 1 issued a statement censuring an Islamic extremist group for committing atrocious cruelties.

In the early morning on the day, the group believed to be the “Islamic State” released online-video footage showing the murder of the Japanese hostage, Goto Kenji.

Shii in the statement denounced the Islamic group’s act as an unpardonable and outrageous act of terrorism. He offered his heartfelt sympathy to Goto’s family and friends.

Shii pointed out that the need now is for the international community to unite to deal with the Islamic State militant group. As measures to achieve this, Shii referred to UN Security Council Resolution 2170 adopted in August 2014 which calls for member states’ efforts to stop the flow of foreign fighters, financial supply, and other forms of support to the Islamic militant group. In accordance with this resolution, it is necessary to isolate and corner the group and have it disarmed and disbanded, Shii stressed. He also demanded that the Japanese government conduct diplomacy contributing to what the UN resolution aims to achieve.

Shii said that in order to prevent a recurrence of this kind of tragedy, the government response to the event should be examined in a cool-headed manner. He also urged the government to open to the public all essential information regarding government reactions to the Japanese hostage crisis from the very early stage to the present.

Shii criticized Prime Minister Abe’s recent remarks in regard to the hostage crisis. Abe said that it is constitutionally possible for the Self-Defense Forces to provide support for military counterattacks, such as U.S.-led bombing of the Islamic extremist group in Iraq and Syria, and expressed his intent to begin discussing ways for frequent dispatches of the SDF to foreign countries under the pretext of an emergency rescue of Japanese nationals. It is unacceptable for the prime minister to use terrorist group’s atrocities to enable him to move forward with his attempt to turn Japan into a nation fighting wars abroad.


The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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