Shii in New Year address: Let’s put end to Abe’s runaway policies

January 6, 2015

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on January 5 made a speech in the New Year assembly held at the JCP head office, expressing his determination to make full use of the JCP’s enhanced strength in parliament to thwart the Abe government’s plot to turn Japan into a war-capable nation in the 70th year following the end of World War II.

 He stressed that the JCP’s major advance in the December general election is an important step forward to create a new Japan where the people will be able to play a key role. Regarding the main factors contributing to the JCP’s progress in the election, Shii noted the following three points.

 First, the JCP adopted in 2004 a new program that clearly shows the fundamental direction needed to establish Japan’s democratic reform. Shii emphasized that the revised program has helped the party to work out people-oriented policies and consequently gain the public trust.

 Secondly, the JCP has promoted and supported a variety of single-issue movements in wide-ranging fields. Shii highlighted the significance of the fact that in all the four single-seat constituencies in Okinawa, the candidates opposing the planned construction of a new U.S. military base in the prefecture, who were jointly supported by local conservatives and progressives, defeated the pro-U.S. base rivals backed by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Shii pointed out that this kind of cooperation beyond party lines can spread across the country.

 Thirdly, the JCP has made continuous efforts to make the party bigger as a grass-roots based political party. Citing various activities the party has conducted since 2006 such as study sessions to train young JCP activists, Shii said, “Without these endeavors, we could not have achieved this dramatic advance in the Lower House election.”

The party chair condemned Prime Minister Abe Shinzo for stating at the start of his third cabinet that he will push ahead with “drastic reforms” in defiance of strong opposition from the general public. Shii pointed out that Abe reaffirmed his intent to accelerate his push to promote runaway policies.

 Shii also noted that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. He called on all party members to make all-out efforts to block the Abe government’s move to turn Japan back into a nation that can wage wars abroad, and to put an end to this ultra-rightist administration as soon as possible.

 At the conclusion of his address, Shii called for further developing the JCP’s “rising tide of advance” by winning the nationwide local elections scheduled for April.

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