JCP CC Second Plenum Closes, with Determination to Keep up with New Situation for JCP Advance

TOKYO APR 22 JCP -- The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 2nd plenum at JCP headquarters closed its two-day session on April 21. In the second day's session Tetsuzo Fuwa, Presidium chair, made the concluding remarks. The plenum unanimously adopted the Presidium report and the concluding remarks. Thirty-one people spoke in the discussion.

In his concluding remarks Fuwa pointed out that the discussion positively accepted and enriched all the points proposed by the Presidium on how to view the situation and the course for party activity. He said that the whole party must work to overcome the lag in the party activity which is seriously behind what it should be to get a quick major JCP advance in the House of Councilors election which takes place in just over 2 months time. He referred to the fact that the plenum was televised live via communication satellite and more than 8,400 party members watched it on April 20, and some 300 letters have been received, expressing their feelings of unity with the Central Committee. .

Fuwa said the Presidium has made comprehensive proposals on party activity covering many aspects, and this is necessary so that we can respond to what the people want.

He also said the fact that such proposals have been accepted positively shows that the party is at a new stage of development. Unless the party develops into being a party worthy of being a government party in the 21st century, in terms of the quality of its activity, it won't be able to increase its Diet seats to give it the basis for taking part in government and will lack the power to exercise its responsibility to the people. This 2nd plenum must be marked as the time we started to work for a higher quality of party activity, he said.

Fuwa called on the whole party to take note of two points in relation to future activity. First is to develop the widest possible perspective, and not be bound by the conventional way of doing things. Second is to develop and maintain warm relations between party leading bodies and the branches.

Fuwa said that the House of Councilors election in two months time will be an important test of whether or not the JCP will be able to govern in the 21st century, and he called on the whole party to work to achieve the greatest possible advance based on the whole party exerting every possible effort.

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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