September 20, 2000 - JCP CC Secretariat.

The 7th Plenum of the JCP Central Committee was held on September 19 and 20 at the JCP head office.

On behalf of the JCP Presidium, Secretariat Head SHII Kazuo reported on the proposal of the draft Resolution of the JCP 22nd Congress and Presidium Chairman FUWA Tetsuzo on the proposal of the draft revised JCP Constitution. ICHIDA Tadayoshi, Election Bureau director, reported on the conclusion of the discussion on the review of the general election campaign which was carried out in accordance with the decision of the 6th Plenum, and made some additional remarks.

Stressing that the proposed draft Resolution is mainly characterized by the statement on the stage of development achieved in social progress and the prospect of the 21st century in a general historical context, Shii explained the draft in detail section by section.

Reporting on the main points of the draft revised JCP Constitution, he said that the proposed revision will omit the present "Preamble" and reduce to 57 articles (instead of the present 74) so as to make it easy and concise enough for everyone to understand the role that the JCP is called upon to play.

The presentation of proposals and reports by the Presidium were broadcast via communication satellites for viewers at JCP bodies throughout the country. Drafts of the 22nd Congress Resolution and the revised JCP Constitution were delivered to JCP prefectural committee offices.

The Plenum discussed the proposals and reports of the Presidium. After examining opinions expressed during the Plenum discussions, including those expressed in writing, the Presidium made a number of additions and improvements.

Chairman Fuwa and Secretariat Head Shii summarized the discussions on the drafts of the Resolution and the revised JCP Constitution.

Stressing that opinions expressed during the Plenum discussions and reactions from around the nation showed how well the characteristics of the proposed drafts were embraced, Secretariat Head Shii explained the main points to be reinforced based on the expressed opinions. He also reiterated the significance and contents of the JCP policy of seeking a staged resolution of the problem of the Self-Defense Forces being in violation of the Constitution. Pointing out that the proposed revision of the Constitution will help the public to better understand the correctness of the Constitution and organization of the Japanese Communist Party, Chairman Fuwa said that this speaks to the significance and the true character of the revision which reflects the new stage of JCP development. He went on to explain the points to be added to the draft based on the opinions that were expressed in the Plenum.

The Plenum unanimously adopted the draft of the Resolution of the 22nd Congress, the draft of the revised Constitution of the JCP, and the reports on these drafts. It also approved the report by Election Bureau Director ICHIDA Tadayoshi as a JCP CC 7th Plenum decision.

HAMANO Tadao, a member of the Standing Presidium, proposed to the Plenum plans for the 22nd Congress, including a Congress schedule. The Plenum approved the proposal.

In concluding the Plenum, Secretariat Head Shii spoke about the party's united efforts towards the 22nd Congress. He underlined the importance of elaborating the drafts of the Congress documents using the party organization and the need for activities to achieve a major JCP advance in the House of Councilors election (next summer) as the main objective. Citing points that must be taken into account in organizing the "United Efforts for Strengthening the JCP through a Major Membership Drive," he called on all JCP members and bodies to exert themselves vigorously for bringing the 22nd Congress to success.

The Plenum concluded its business after confirming the report by Secretariat Head Shii as an expression of the CC members in the Plenum.

The Presidium which met on September 18 appointed CC Member WADA Kazuo to be a member of the Secretariat.

(Akahata September 21, 2000)


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