Jan 17, 2004

JCP 23rd Congress adopts new Program

The Japanese Communist Party ended its 23rd Congress on January 17 after adopting the new JCP Program and Resolution and electing a new Central Committee composed of 148 members, including 19 alternate members.

The JCP revised its Program for the first time in 43 years. Many delegates who represented their districts expressed their determination to put the new Program into practice, saying, "Only the JCP discusses theories of a future society. As soon as we go back to our own communities, we'll publicize what we discussed concerning the Program."

Participation by more than 100 young delegates in the Congress was an important feature of the Congress.

The delegates confirmed that they would put the Congress resolution into practice, focusing on the effort to increase the number of Akahata subscribers by 30 percent in order to ensure that the JCP will be victorious in the coming House of Councilors election.

Fuwa Tetsuzo, who was reelected as Central Committee chair in the first meeting of the new Central Committee, characterized the Congress as a great opportunity for the JCP and overseas delegates to further develop their solidarity.

The final day of the Congress was broadcast live via the communication satellite service and on the Internet. (end)

The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
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